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Emotional Intelligence at Workplace R1 59


Everybody on the planet, be of any species, must do the work for his subsistence i.e., for food, shelter, earnings, enhancing social standard and recognition etcetera. 

Be it in home, office, or other place, the workplace must be there, and the actions are to be performed here. The actions provide the results to achieve satisfaction level.

The workplace planning, design, construction, and facilities provisions have improved since long and other modern tools and techniques are being utilized to improve the workplace environment further.

In this blog only, the important aspects of operations of the workplace is being considered which ultimately depends on the work force.

It is the quality of the action that provide satisfactory results. Therefore, workplace environment must be supported from quality actions.

It is well known that at different workplaces specialized individuals with same type of qualifications and training are employed. But all of them do not reach at the top level, being at the same level initially. All MBA cannot be chief business administrators, or all engineers cannot be chief engineers, directors, and CEOs. This depends on workplace positive environment and in the quality of people involved.

Work environment depends upon the employee’s involvement with the work, organization culture, and the relationship among the workforces. It may accordingly be good or bad.



The Workplace is  a place where work is done.  It applies for all the type of work done  from morning to next morning, 24 x 7. The human being is blessed by god and is different than animals. He can think and act, rethink and perform.

The actions associated with human being not only help him to sustain life but do more for their generations to come.

Success is the ultimate gain of all actions. Failures  in achieving success help us to learn more, which further help us to gain the success.


Attributes for Success

Following attributes are important to gain success:




The right desire for doing the right things at right time for a right purpose


Can be got from education , environment and experience and available wisdom (other’s experiences)


The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.


To act in a disciplined way for all activities related to workplace – maintaining planning, scheduling, costing quality risk avoidance measures etcetera


Attitudes play an important part in workplace environment management methods, and these methods require not only Intelligent Quotient (IQ) but a more important Emotional Intelligence (EI). It is the EI that makes the result better and increases individual’s competence level.

Topics Related to Emotional Intelligence (EI)


Toggle the following topics related to EI

The technical knowledge is an important requirement for selecting human resources (HR) for various disciplines and department. Usually HR selection is done based on technical knowledge and objectively tested for Intelligent Quotient (IQ)

But ultimately it is the human behavior that is required for the successful handling of work operations and the desired output.

The behavior aspect is genetically inbuilt in human nature and can be developed for better management practices.

It can be developed through the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EI), also known as Emotional quotient (EQ)

It is a necessity to have an  understanding of EI/EQ knowledge application  for better management at the work place.

EI/EQ helps in the development of individuals, in the development of team and in the development of leadership, which ultimately enhances the organizational  development  


Human Resource with less EI/EQ contents in their personality have attributes such as

aggressiveness, demanding, ego problems, bossy, confrontational, easily disturbed, poor listener, impulsive, passive, resistance to change, non-responsiveness, stubborn, hard to please, and believe in perfectionism etcetera.

On the other hand, Human Resources with high EI/EQ contents in their personality are

ambitious, driving, strong, decisive, warm, enthusiastic, sociable, persuasive, patient, stable, practicable, predictable, consistent and good listener.

Also, the HR with enhanced EQ/EI get better grades, are cooperative and become better managers.

Everybody wants to achieve success in his life in his field of activities-it may be at home, in office, in the society etcetera.

 Environment, Experience and Education (in complete meaning) provide pushbacks to the achievement of the Success in various fields. The three factors along with IQ (which rarely improves) boost your success and it is true.

 But further success can be achieved by EQ / EI (Emotional   Intelligence).

It works beyond education and IQ. Emotional intelligence refers to -How your emotions influence your life at work and home- Unlike IQ, the emotional Intelligence can be improved.

EI/EQ revolves on the following points.

Know your Emotions- SELF Awareness    

Manage Your Emotions and motivate yourself-SELF Management

Recognize and understand other People’s emotions-SOCIAL Awareness

Manage other’s emotions- Relationship Management

Try understanding Emotion Intelligence subject for successful and happy life. Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence. — Robert K. Cooper. Ph.D.

 In IQ the cognitive abilities are assessed through vocabulary reading, comprehension and mathematical and reasoning skills and assessment is based on the scores assigned to assess intelligence abilities. And this practice exists today, also in higher educational competitions and is recommended in various private and government organization and in the international transfers of human resources. (It is based more on objectivity)



In year 1985 emotional intelligence (EI, also known as Emotional Quotient EQ) was advocated, but ultimately Daniel Goleman in 1995 made efforts for its better understanding and use.

 EI/ EQ is individual’s ability to identify, understand, evaluate, control, and express emotions of self and others and groups. (It is based more on subjectivity) Together IQ and EQ provide success in practically all the fields.

IQ+EI/EQ=Makes one more successful.


If you want maximal productivity and if you want work that gets the best results, you want the people doing that work to be in the optimal brain state for the work. You are a person who can evict them from the zone of optimal performance by slothfully handling your own interactions with them. So, it’s up to you to take responsibility for your impact on their ability to work at their best. — Daniel Goleman

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