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Management Skills to Manage Unlawful Actions

Management Skills to Manage Unlawful Actions


  • Introduction

  • Unlawful Actions

  • Managing Reactions

  • Trust, Truth and Relationship

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Unlawful actions originate from non-fulfillment of basic needs, and the environment around us. These basic needs are food shelter, house and then the social upliftment. The discrimination in fulfilling the needs also leads to unlawful actions. Even improper implementation of enforcement measures plays and important role in such actions to come up. This blog discusses some efforts to curb such actions with behavioral aspects.

 Unlawful Actions

Unlawful Actions-Misconduct, anti-social behavior, violation. bad intention, lawless ness

Every day, from media (TV news and News Papers) and from other sources it is informed that lot of people become victims of unlawful acts of the others in our society. Some of the unlawful   actions, but not limited to, are as follows:

  • Unceremonious and disturbing scuffles on petty matters / money / relationships and organized criminal activities, leading to injury, and even death, loss of wealth, property and social disturbances.

  • Woman molested in buses, taxis and even at public places, creating atmosphere of fear and anxiety around us.

  • Verbal altercation, dis-harmonizing the living standards.

  • Theft and robbery creating insecurity in the minds of children and old person at home and in public places.

  • Anti-social behavior leading to enhancement in criminal operations.

  • Abusive language (bad words that cause physical harm, create feeling of fear, humiliation or exploitation) use belittle the status and opening new avenues for scuffles and criminal offences.

  • Disrespect; (Respect means showing high regards to all to maintain trust, confidence and performance.)

  • Dishonesty; (an honest person doesn’t do things that are morally


  • Unfairness; (to make decisions partially and subjectively)

These actions disturb the peace of mind of people in the society, and people either in individual capacity or in groups come out for reaction. Such actions and reactions further make the life difficult to manage.

If initially the actions are managed properly there shall be no or less reactions.

Managing Reactions

How to manage the initial reactions?

These actions are part of our behavior and skills and ego and so on.

Behavior and skills- everybody considers that his actions and the behavior is right. But if such right people are involved in unceremonious activity, it means that their understanding about themselves is incomplete and defective. This is distorted thinking. (Please refer weblog sk 3 on )

Government is put to criticism. Police actions and other efforts are condemned. Politics comes into picture. Worse happen when the matter is escalated at national level and far beyond through media and social media. This undermines the reputation of society, the administration and the nation, which by no means is a healthy development.

The government through police and with other actions is supporting against all such mis happenings. Police vans and help lines are available. Awareness is being created. Culprits are punished as per law. And you can expect some more actions from government level but ultimately it shall be as support. Individuals will have to help themselves. Society need to come forward. There is need to inculcate the moral values. Ethical standards which originated from religion must be followed. Individual must see the world with open eyes and society must come up with trust building and relationship building efforts. The output in the form of using the right words at appropriate time and behavioral aspects are important in our actions.

We work in workplace and remain more disciplined. Such things do not happen there because we maintain a discipline there. Same is the case at home. But out of these places some of us feel free and face problems. The situation can be solved by use of people’s skill which is emotional intelligence (EI / EQ). IQ may help to some extent. Together they can avoid the coming up of unwanted situations.

Improvisation can be achieved in tackling / avoiding such unwanted situations by knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the environment you are going to face. You can motivate and manage yourself for dealing the situations with other, but before that you must know the feelings of others. You should also try to understand the environment in which the others are. And after managing yourself, manage others. (with a cautious approach)



What to do finally?

Know your Emotions- SELF Awareness

Manage Your Emotions and motivate yourself-SELF Management

Recognize and understand other People’s emotions-SOCIAL Awareness

Manage other’s emotions- Relationship Management


“Try understanding Emotion Intelligence subject for successful and happy life. Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence”. — Robert K. Cooper. Ph.D.

Remember at home and at workplace you can do the same as said above. Do the same out of home and work place with the cautious approach in the environment you are, based on your words and deeds.

You can do and avoid such actions as most of the persons do. Remember it is not only the limitations of governance but also the individuals, societies and masses.

Relationship,Trust, Truth

We can go beyond to understand the trust, the truth and the relationship that are beneficial in avoiding unlawful situations.

If we trust someone it means

Ø He is reliable

Ø I have confidence in him.

Ø I am safe with him emotionally and physically.

Ø I am willing to rely on his actions in future course of actions.

Ø I believe that he is good and honest and will not harm me.


There are two reasons why we don’t trust people.

First- we don’t know them.

Second- we know them.

If you give your trust to a person who does not deserve it, you give him the power to destroy you.



Trust Building

The trust development process is between one another and it is with mutual understanding.

It cannot be enforced.

If some one says do not trust that person, it has no meaning for you. Trust is a mutual relationship

Relationships are based on trust. If trust ends, relationship breaks, and when the breaking up of relationship is associated with love, land, and money- the scuffle starts and in severe case (depends on individual’s judgement) turns violent.


Another cause of scuffle:

It is related to attitude.

If you do not know how to do your job- You can do it by training or retraining.

If you know your job and do not want to do- It is attitudinal problem. And if not solved leads to scuffles.

Even in social life, a person who knows what is against the social ethics, he does not do it. But some do it and are the culprits and need reform actions at reform homes or in prison. These are the persons responsible for unlawful actions.

The trust building may be between members of family such as between brothers, or husband and wife, employer and employee, student and teacher and buyer and seller and so on.


The foundation of this trust is truth.

Trust building depends on following factors tabled below:

Fairness in operations


Honesty in thoughts words and deeds

Consistency in behavior and actions

 Responsibility towards actions

The value of words is reflected in action

Respect to al-In real life showing disrespect is the major cause of scuffles and disputes


No selfishness

No arrogance and distorted thinking

Being courteous

Positive attitudes



Listening ability

Being a person of character

Openness in mind and actions

No ego problem

 Trust with above factors is responsible for building positive relationship

Once the relationship based on truth and trust gets disturbed the relationship breaks. Mistrust and misunderstanding leads to scuffles.

But why it breaks?

Because this did not stand on the foundation of truth and trust.

What to do?

Develop skills to manage yourself and others.


Know yourself-, Fin your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Analyze them for situation.

Motivate yourself and manage yourself.

Know the other party.

And manage relationship with others.

(It means manage relationship only if you are comfortable with others and to the extent required.)


For more details please follow ‘Emotional Intelligence at Workplace’ at   blog address and social sites. —TechConsults


Using the emotional Intelligence-the people’s skill in managing scuffles, at home, office and in society and places away and other than these will resolve the upcoming unlawful activities to great extent.



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