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Management of various aspects of project plns execution monitoring and closing

55th Engineer’s Day SK 83

The Engineering Community across India celebrates 55th Engineers Day on 15 September as a tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

Necessity of Sleep at Workplaces SK 82

Sleep patterns and wake-up patterns are different for different people, and these depend on chronotypes. Generally, an adult requires seven to nine hours of sleep so that he wakes up in a refreshed state and carries forward with workplace operations to earn a livelihood.

Understanding sleep patterns in Workplace Operations SK 81

Excerpts – A workforce person’s chronotype is the propensity ( a natural tendency to behave) for the individual to sleep at a particular time during a 24-hour period thereby affecting the output of the individual and the entire workforce. As such it is necessary to understand the chronotypes in the workforce.

Understand Biological Clocks or Body Clocks, and Circadian Rhythm. – A Workplace requirement SK 80

Biological clocks are organisms’ natural timing devices. There are several such biological clocks, which are controlled by a master clock in the brain – SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus).

Many physiological processes in our body are controlled by the biological clock and show circadian rhythmicity. ( Appear at regular time in the day – 24 hours)

Biological rhythm (BR) is a phrase often used interchangeably with circadian rhythm. These rhythms are a series of bodily functions (physical processes) regulated by the body’s internal clock. They control cycles like sleep and wakefulness, body temperature, hormone secretion, and more. 

How to Check  operations at Batching and Crushing Plants – Checklist SK 76

What to Check for Optimal Performance of Concrete Batching Plant (BP) and Aggregate Processing Plant (CP) Operations are mentioned in this blog. The blog describes the activities involved at the plants in reference to the quality aspects and suggest some guidance and checklist, which if implemented shall assure the quality of concrete ingredients. Quality Control Assurance.

Projects Construction Phase Guidance (QAQC) – A ppt Doc. SK 75

The presentation encompasses requirement of some guidance to client by which he can monitor the activities of his engineers and the Construction Agency operation in reference to the agreements signed for the project.
The guidance suggested is based on document samples and may vary for the types of agreement done.

Understanding PMBOK Guide 7th Edition 74

The seventh edition provides a high-level principal-based guidance to the project-team ( without any changes to 6th edition guide) by inculcating the team  behaviour, to manage the project, and have value added outcomes of the project. And this guidance is valid for all the project management approaches discussed in 6th edition of PMBOK Guide and other approaches