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Projects Construction Phase Guidance (QAQC) – A ppt Doc. SK 75

  • The presentation encompasses requirement of some guidance to client by which he can monitor the activities of his engineers and the Construction Agency operation in reference to the agreements signed for the project.
  • The guidance suggested is based on document samples and may vary for the types of agreement done.
  • The guidance can be further modified for the provisions of agreement.
  • Further the guidance is for high level activities and the activities may be further sub divided for ground level operations.

Topics for discussion

  • Suggestions on QMS 
  • Contents of QMS
  • ITP  (Inspection and Test Plan)
  • Suggested supervision and control for QA/QC
  • Site meetings
  • Supervision control checks
  • About Quality Management

Following link provde the detailed presentation on the subject.

Projects Construction Phase Guidance ppt.pptx

The sample guidance provided is based on hydro power project construction.

The structure is same for other projects except for the nature of work for which the technical work specifications must be used.