Understanding perfectionism 66

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Perfectionism in brief means doing the things in perfect manner (refusal to accept any standard short of perfection), that is doing the right things and doing the things right.
Will such ways of doing things at workplace provide satisfactory output or not, is to be understood?
In this blog the answer to this question is discussed. Perfectionism has both positive (pleasure seeking) and negative (stressful) aspects……SK Saxena TechConsults

Determination of Consistency of Fresh Concrete – Vee Bee Test 61

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The Vee Bee test is valid for true slump. This type of concrete shape obtained from slump test is vibrated in a cylindrical container till the slumped shape gets converted to a cylindrical shape (change of shape from frustum of cone to a cylindrical shape – mobility of concrete or remoulding time).
The time taken in shape changes in seconds is measure of consistency of concrete.