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Process Developement Supports – Fitness & Emotional Intelligence

Process Development Supports – Fitness and Emotional Intelligence

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This is TechConsults’s first blog on Project Management. The actual management of the project revolves around the knowledge, tools and techniques and skills of the Project Manager and his team and the workforce on the project. The fitness of individual and the use of soft skills / people’s skills plays an important role in project development.


Involvement of human resources in process outcome


Every activity of an individual or team, either at home or at work has an input, tools and techniques, to support for a processed quality output.

The quality of output depends on the inputs and the processing tools and techniques used in the process. This is a normal phenomenon.

 What does process mean?

The business directory meaning is somewhat as given below:

 “Sequence of interdependent and technical procedures, which at every stage consume one or more resources (employee, time, energy, machine, money) to convert inputs, (that are material etcetera) into outputs. These outputs then serve as input for the next stage until the known goal or result is reached.”


Mathematically it may be,

Process = f (inputs, tools and techniques). The function changes with the process and its requirement. The quality of the input is an important and so is the efficiency and effectiveness of tools and techniques for the desired output and all the functions of the processes are managed throughout the life cycle of the project

Inputs + tools and techniques =Output
This is called process.

So many processes used together in parallel or in sequence to complete the given objective collectively is an output of the project.
The project is managed by a project manager and his team and how it is managed depends on the behavior of the project manager and the team to great extent (almost 85 %)

Research indicates that technical skills account for less than 15% of one’s values in obtaining, keeping or advancing in a job.  More than 85% of job success is based on personal conduct and the ability to put other at ease.  Almost 100% of education dollars go to teach facts and figures which account for only 15% of success in work!

(An extract from Harvard business operations unit)

The behavior aspects are governed with the Intelligent Quotient IQ and Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Quotient EI/EQ.
IQ is nearly unchangeable and may not be increased/developed.

Together the use of IQ and EQ gives success

IQ is objective and EQ/EI is subjective.

Though something above the application /applicability of EI/EQ has been said in my previous blogs, yet it is necessary to describe it again to understand and utilize it in project management or any management at the home or at work (management of live and non-live resources; live resources are which can think and act.)

EI/EQ as detailed in earlier blog has main outline as given in figure below:

The purpose is to stress on the variable part (EQ) which can be developed at any age and therefore one can be more successful.

A young person in job can get more success by developing an EI/EQ.
Middle age person can better manage the work with less tears by developing EI / EQ.
The seniors can follow and provide guidance by developing their EI/EQ ultimately managing the matters at high level.

Even the senior citizens can further develop their existing values   and manage their generations in a more successful way.


The learning process never stops.

The time is changing very fast.
In 1960’s the computer was as high as height of man and as long as the cricket pitch. It had its journey to desktop, to laptop , to palmtop, and may go inside our body sometime.
This shows  how fast the development is and how much work is being done with the computer and information technology.
Everything has become fast
The human body must be able to cope up with this speed and need  EI/EQ application.
As you need development of EI/EQ for success you need to be fit to carry out your operations.

Fitness is very important now in this fast-action-packed scenario to avoid accidents at work during travel and at home. It is not the gym exercises and is different.
It keeps you fit to carry out your functions.
A footballer, hockey player, badminton player or cricketer, plays the game part. These players to play the game without disruptions in actions need to be fit and therefore they get regular fitness training which is additional to their game. The put the purpose is to make you understand that developing of EQ as well as to keep yourself fit for actions effectively and efficiently, is the requirement for the success.

Your achieving success in this way shall make you a solution provider-there shall be less problems and less issues, thereby saving the time of managing agencies as well as creating an important level for yourself for further success and promotions.

Your kids go to play school. The kid adjusts/mixes up/show resistance to other’s actions and stabilizes to remain in the stream after some sort of trading.

What the kid does?

The kid uses his emotions and then tries to understand the emotions of others and arrives at some conclusion and manage herself/himself to again become the part of same stream forgetting what has happened. This is natural way of dealing emotionally and is valid for the grownups as well.

When the kids grow further and goes to play fields to play the same age kids-watch them closely. This time also some misunderstandings, resentments, etcetera arise during the play actions and notice how they resolve them. This is adjustment of emotions-a group dynamics problem.

It has been noticed that during the further development stage the parents are more concerned with the intellectual development of child-and securing the best possible success in examinations. The IQ is to be considered over and above the EI/EQ.

Education experience and environment plays an important part in the success achievement. Everybody has it but the quality matters.

This blog topic subject matter is supported by the above saying of Patrick Lencioni

One more thing I want to stress upon (though it is the part of EI/EQ development yet is important to say somethings about it) and it is the words that we use during our actions. The politeness and quality of your words during your job actions may make you a great person or leader, otherwise history is full of incidents due to inappropriate utterances which have created problems, issues and even wars. Therefore, the quality of words used at work plays an important role in success achievement.

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Er SK Saxena

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