Project Management

Project Completion Report Format


Project Completion Report Format


The project is unique in nature and it has its end one day, be it completed or closed.

Project manager is given the authority to manage the project. A completion report of the project is submitted internally to organization, in brief covering important aspects or based on desired outlines for the project.

Below is a format for submitting Project Completion Report. The document is a suggested reference only and can be customized to the project definition by adding or deleting certain referenced points.

The Government departments  may have their own requirements  associated with the approval of the projects,and as such they should be considered for the fictionalization of project completion reports.

Project Completion report Format

(Customization shall be required for the uniqueness of the project)



Basic information

Project Name Location/City/Country:

Project Reference: Name/ Name

Client with contact details:

End User- (in reference to the DPR approved):

Project approval department approval reference

Construction Agency/agencies

Project Manager:


Original Commitment Amount

Brief Financial Arrangements

Key Stakeholders


Ministries at Government Level

Project Implementation Units

Other Implementing Agencies


Monitoring unit


Resources (All)

Milestones Achievement Status

Rating Summery and Criteria

Executive Summary (An executive summary of the project should contain in brief the essence of the document without fine details and preferably without background an introduction.)


Important Information

what development challenge the project addresses,

-the Borrower’s overall strategy for addressing it,

-Banker’s strategy.


State the Project Development Objective

Describe the major project components and indicate how each will contribute to achieving the Project Development Objectives.

Provide a brief assessment relevant to the country’s development

Objectives could in principle be achieved with the project inputs and in the expected output consistent with the country or regional strategy

Provide a brief assessment relevant to the country’s development

Objectives could in principle be achieved with the project inputs and in the expected output consistent with the country or regional  strategy.                                            

Summarize the Project



Target Date

Risk level


 (The major components of the project, the major activities of each component and their expected outputs, outcomes, and indicators for measuring the achievement of outcomes   activities, outputs or outcomes)


Project Design

(State the extent to which the stakeholders ensured the project was commensurate with the Borrower’s capacity to implement by designing the project appropriately and by putting in place the necessary implementation arrangements. Consider all major design aspects, such as extent to which project design considered lessons learned from previous PCRs in the sector, and Borrower assessed the capacity of the implementing agencies and/or Project Implementation Unit; scope of consultations and partnerships; economic rationale of project)

For following each dimension of project design and readiness for implementation, provide a brief assessment:

Matching project complexity with country capacity and political  commitment.

 Inclusion of risk parameters in project design.

Project procurement, financial management, monitoring and/or other systems are based on those already in use.

Clearly defined responsibilities for project implementation.                                                                                           

Necessary implementation documents                                                                                                             

 Pre-determined monitoring indicators and monitoring plan

Baseline data– were available or were collected during project    design.

Appraisal and Quality


(1. State the major characteristics of project implementation with reference to:  adherence to schedules, quality of construction or other work, performance of consultants, effectiveness of supervision, and effectiveness of Borrower oversight. Relationship of borrowers and bankers)

Comment on the role of other partners (e.g. donors, NGOs, contractors, etc.) Assess the effectiveness of co-financing arrangements and of donor coordination, if applicable.

Whether the Financiers made explicit efforts to harmonize instruments, systems and/or approaches with other partners.

For each following dimension of project implementation, assess the extent to which the project achieved the original dates / period and the brief reasons for delay in difference of original and actual dates, if any)

Cost Estimation

Construction Pricing and Contracting

Construction Planning

Fundamental Scheduling Procedures

Quality management system implementation

Monitoring and Evaluation 


Outcome, Relevance, and Efficiency of the following implementation status:

Risk management

Environment management

Stakeholder management

Borrower Performance

Sector Overview

Current Issues and future direction

Time Overruns

Cost overruns

Final Earned Value management statistics

Stakeholders Expectation and satisfaction details

Project communication System

Project Health, Safety, Security and Environment management status

Post project Implementation briefs

Comments & recommendations (incl. success stories & lessons learned)

Archived details of project documentation:


Lessons Learnt




E diagrams

Objectives and benefits achievable

Unknown Risks Management briefs

Annexure   As Required

Sd/.  Project Manager

Sd/. Sponsor




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