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Format for Project Quality Management Document (QMS)

Format for Project Quality Management Document (QMS)

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“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.”           Walter Anderson 


The QMS is developed for Construction Projects. It is then issued for implementation in ongoing works / rehabilitation projects and is need based. However, it is open for improvements during construction operations. It shall provide an easy access to QA QC team (existing staff and newcomers) in implementing the QA QC processes and procedures. It also covers the scope of work and objectives to be achieved, necessary guidance, and roles and responsibilities for QA QC team members for achieving the desired objective. The information from the outputs of system implementation, observations and suggestions can be used for reporting, monitoring, analysis, review and further improvements.


Project QMS revolves around the Project Quality Management such as

Plan Quality Management

Manage Quality

Control Quality

Organization’s Quality Policy

(The general goals of the QC program in conformation to Organization’s policy which includes Project Environment Management)

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Suggestive Contents

Project Type

Construction of a major project (New Projects and Rehabilitation Projects) that includes dam, powerhouse, spillway, tunnels, infrastructure, commercial and large real state buildings and appurtenant facilities.


 Project Definition: (It may include following points)

  • Location

  • Purpose of the Proposed Construction.

  • Background Information on the Construction Contracts

  • The brief details of Owner, Designer, Construction Agency / Supervision Agency

  • Supervision and Control Responsibility

  • Organization for QC staff / Supervision staff, Personnel and Key Personnel with Experience, Authority, Responsibility

  • And other Project Related Requirements


Commitment to the definition, implementation and control of improvement programs, may be achieved

By suitable education, training and awareness all the Constructor’s personnel will act professionally, responsibly and will have an awareness and commitment to quality.

By the development and adoption of innovative methods and technologies, developing emotional intelligence as well as by the motivation and satisfaction of the workforce, the Sponsor and Constructor will increase the effectiveness of its own processes to the satisfaction of Stakeholders.

Workforce commitment and participation in the continual improvement process through the exchange of experience, awareness, information on the results achieved.

Verification by management through internal audits, critical analyses on the results achieved and a periodic review of the principles recorded for the QMS.



QMS is based on processes, (every process is supported by inputs, outputs, and tools and techniques) and their implementation by TQM and TQP

QMS is a system that includes the continuous improvement cycle as part of management: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA).


The Quality Management system considers:

  • Determining the necessary processes for the quality management system and their application by the organization.

  • Determining the sequence and use of the identified processes.

  • Determining the criteria and methods required to make sure that both the operation and the control of these processes are effective.

  • The availability of resources required to support the operation and follow-up of these processes.

  • The process measurement documentation, analysis, review and feedback.


The quality system to be implemented on the Project works are based on the ISO 9001 :2008 standard recommendations. – Do what  is Decided.

Quality Management

According to the Quality policy for the Project Organization, Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality management / Quality Control will be executed by the Constructor, (including the sub-contractors) and administered by the Project QA/QC Department in reference to Project Quality Plan.


Quality management will be applied all knowledge area plans, their execution and monitoring and control.

(Knowledge Areas- Project Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Resources, Communication, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder plans)d


QMS Content Format -Tentative

—————————————————————--A Suggestive Format for Project Quality Management Document


 Starting from the Cover Page




Ref: ———- date


Status (Revision No. )




Project Organization ———–

Name of Project ———–


The Employer—-

The Constructor ————






QMS:  The   general goals of the QMS program Project definition:

  • Location

  • Purpose of the proposed construction.

  • Background information on the construction contracts

  • The Owner, Designer, Construction Agency

  • Supervision and control responsibility

Organization For QC staff / Supervision staff, personnel and key personnel with CV , authority, responsibility, 

Scope of work and oblectives.

Human Resources Management.

Construction management personnel / QA QC personnel.

Lines of communication and authority for rejection approval and stopping of work Duties and responsibilities of CS, QA/QC and CA team members.

 Inspection Plan /Inspection criteria and Field Practices (The criteria for inspection of contract work to assure meeting contract requirements)

Equipment and resources management Contractor operations

Coordination with contractor’s schedule

Training (A training program for field engineers and inspectors (Owner-Contractor-Supervision Agency)-In house- On site-out sourced)

      Study materials

      Classroom instruction

      On-the-job-training and supervision

      Proficiency testing and certification

      Knowledge of contract/TS

      Internal Audits


Laboratory Set Up Laboratories locations -their functions and equipment and calibration

     Main Laboratory

     Field Laboratory or

     Out sourced Testing Facilities

Project Quality Control Plan


Main Locations and Activities for implementation,

Laboratory supervision/duties and responsibilities

Mix designs-laboratory and field testing

List of tests and checks,

Checklists, Testing formats and procedures

Codes and references

Number and Specialties of QC Staff –based on construction methodology, locations and the construction schedule

Codes and references

Number and Specialties of QC Staff –based on construction methodology, locations and the construction schedule

Record keeping procedures

 Responsibility Chart

 Erosion Control and Environment Control  

 Environmental compliance plan

Erosion and sediment control plan

License requirements

Specialized plans, permits and approvals Frequency of inspections

Documentation and corrective actions

Important guidelines, references, Construction

Environmental deficiency report


Roles of Contractor, QA QC team and CS team,

BP inspection/ Concrete placement reports—Calibration, operation reports, trip card

Documentation and reporting mechanism,

QA QC activities

Daily Weekly and Monthly reports,

Non-Conformance Notices

Monitoring (SOB, CR and Site Meetings) Frequency of tests,

OK card Implementation procedure and documentation

Supplement material for PCR

Summery Information


Monitoring, Evaluation and Feedback

Appendix – may include

  • Organizational chart

  • Descriptions of duties and responsibilities of QC staff


  • List of contract documents

  • Materials testing schedule (in house and outsourcing)

  • Contractor’s schedule with resource utilization

  • Construction Inspection Checklist

  • Issue log, Change log

  • Other orders/ forms issued during construction stage


OK Cards Software’s—QMS, PM, MS project, Photos and Videos


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