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Determination of Consistency of Fresh Self Compacting Concrete – V Funnel test Concrete 64

V -Funnel Test for Self-Compacting Concrete

(IS:1199 Fresh Concrete — Methods of Sampling, Testing and Analysis Part 6 Tests on Fresh Self Compacting Concrete)


The V-funnel test is used to assess the viscosity and filling ability of self-compacting concrete.


Principle  of V – Funnel Test for SCC

A V shaped funnel is filled with fresh concrete and the time taken for the concrete to flow out of the funnel is measured and recorded as the V-funnel flow time.


Apparatus for V – Funnel Test for SCC

V-funnel made to the internal dimensions  as shown above.

(Tolerances: For dimensions up to 100 mm .± 1;  For dimensions above 100 mm .± 2 )The V-funnel shall be made from metal or fibre glass. The funnel is provided with agate arrangement at the bottom to release the SCC mass.

Container, to hold the test sample  not less than 12.0 litter capacity.

Stopwatch, capable of measuring to 0.1 s.

Straight Edge,

Test Sample  as per IS:1199 Part 1


 Procedure for Testing V Funnel Test for SCC

Clean the V funnel apparatus and keep it in moist state.

Close the bottom Gate of V Funnel and pour the sample of SCC  in the funnel up to top level and level it with straight edge tool.

Place below the funnel a container to collect the concrete.

Place the container under the funnel to collect the concrete.

Hold the concrete for 10 sec and quickly open the gate of funnel. Note the time of passing the concrete mass  through the funnel.

This time is called the V-Funnel time.

Test Format for V Funnel Test for SCC


 For V-funnel test the flow time should be between 8 seconds and 12 seconds.

 For V-funnel flow time at T5 min. 3 seconds is allowed.

V funnel test T5 min. is done after the first test at interval of 5 minute and the V funnel time after 5 minutes is noted. It is Called V funnel  T5 min. test.